When: April 13, 2024

Where: Gonzaga College High School

Time: 9am to 1pm

Registration is now open for the 2024 DCATA Student Athletic Training Symposium.  This event is open to both high school and college students.  Registration will close on March 15th at 9pm. 

Registration form is below or you can click this link to access the form https://forms.gle/SwUNv5xVsR4VDgqEA 

Each year District of Columbia Athletic Trainers' Association and NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee host the DCATA Student Athletic Training Symposium. 

This event will provide an opportunity for certified athletic trainers in the Metropolitan area to teach students who are interested in pursing athletic training as a career.  If you are interested in helping or attending this annual event please feel free to reach out to the Student Athletic Training Symposium Chair, Tina Carrillo via dcata.atc@gmail.com